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About Nine Pearls Caviar

Nine Pearls Caviar has spent over a year searching the earth for an eco-friendly, sustainable, high quality farmed raised caviar to offer to our most discerning chefs. We have worked very hard to bring you this line up from some of the most passionate sturgeon farmers and caviar producers in the world.

In most cases it takes up to 10 years for the stur- geon to produce eggs and most of these sturgeon farmers have waited a decade or more for their first crop. Nine Pearls Caviar has chosen five sturgeon farms in five different countries that we feel meet or exceed the sustainable level of commitment and the consistent quality we demand.

From the pristine remote areas of China and South Korean utilizing their high tech harvesting techniques and animal welfare to France and Italy's natural gravity fed mountain streams to our own American raised Siberian sturgeon that uses ad- vanced technology to grow sturgeon more efficient using less water and natural feed.

We are confident in our international and domestic partners to promote and bring back a true culinary treasure that will be held in high esteem because of the traceability and accountability involved in its production.

Nine Pearls Caviar has noticed with alarm and frustration that the cost of our sea- food proteins were up and down due to supply and demand during the 1990's. Seafood would go up based on market conditions and always come down due to supply in- creases. During the last decade our seafood proteins have continued to go up and they have never come down. Our government's management incentives, inflation, loss of bio-mass, population increases and cost of fuel have made our seafood costs increase to its highest level in our history of our industry.

Caviar Dish

There is, however, one exception, CAVIAR. Nine Pearls Caviar noticed the wild sturgeon supply problems and lack of bio-mass management. We also took notice of the new technology being developed to spawn sturgeon and raise them in eco-friendly manner to produce caviar year round. The big surprise was the efficiency, lower price point and fantastic quality.

Nine Pearls Caviar is committed to bring this culinary treasure back to the kitchen, back to the menu and back to the consumer's plate. The cost of caviar is at its lowest point in over 25 years! The quality is superb and the selection of species has never been better. Caviar is now more affordable to a wider audience and should be promoted by our culinary talent to enhance the dinning experience of our deserving clientele.